The Buckthorns' first CD, "Branching Out", was released in September 2003. The Buckthorns' second CD, "On a Silent Night", a collection of a cappella and accompanied arrangements of the group's most requested Christmas songs, was released in November 2004. Both CDs were produced by Deerpath Music. The Buckthorns' third CD, "Uprooted & Unplugged" was produced by Diameter Records and released in September 2015.

Members of the group that recorded "Branching Out."

The Buckthorns group photo

Front row: Michael Shea, Mary Jane Stutz, Susie McMurray, Louise Ries (Founding Member). Second row: Kimberly Whipple, Carmen Gunning, Liz Moffitt. Back row: Jim Passalino, June Miller, Walt Sloan, Sandy Stuart, Sandy Turner (Founding member), Steve Ragsdale.

Members of the group that recorded "On a Silent Night."

The Buckthorns October 2004

Front row: Louise Ries, Carmen Gunning, Sandy Turner, Mary Jane Stutz, Liz Moffitt, Kimberly Whipple, June Miller. Back row: Jim Passalino, Susie McMurray, Sandy Stuart, Steve Ragsdale, Michael Shea, Walt Sloan.

Members of the group that recorded "Uprooted & Unplugged."

The Buckthorns

On floor: Missy Myers, Jim Enstrom. Seated: Mary Jane Stutz, Larry McCotter, Carmen Gunning, Sandy Stuart, Susie McMurray, June Miller. Standing: Jim Passalino, Sandy Turner, Walt Sloan.